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2 Jurong East Street 21

Singapore 609601

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11am - 10pm




Pedro is a Singapore-based fast-fashion footwear retailer founded in 2005 by Charles & Keith.

The brand is the embodiment of sophistication and style which focuses on versatility and contemporary designs.

A carbon-copy of its parent company, Pedro has established itself successfully in local and foreign markets, boasting a total of 75 stores in regions such as China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

At the crux of the company, Pedro is built on refined, rustic and minimalistic designs which resonate a confident and opulent elegance.

In addition to its contemporary designs, Pedro’s products feature superb durability and unparalleled comfort at affordable prices.

Pedro’s range of products are diverse and extensive where designs are updated regularly to keep up with runway trends.

The men’s collection features masculine accessories such as backpacks and briefcases while the women’s collection of footwear accentuates feminine demeanour with modern undertones.

In addition, Pedro epitomises holistic fashion where they offer petite accessories for women such as greyscale backpacks, structured clutches and angular handbags.

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