ALUXE at ION Orchard




ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

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Opening Hours


11am - 9:30pm


Jewellery And Watches


ALUXE, a messenger of happiness.

Since its founding in 2005, ALUXE has been dedicated to crafting high-quality jewellery. Valuing every customer, ALUXE uses diamonds to commemorate life's most precious and loved moments. Continuous innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence are at the core of ALUXE's commitment.

Over the years, ALUXE has proudly served over 200,000 couples, earning a reputation as the leading jewellery brand in Taiwan. With 10 stores across the country, ALUXE has solidified its presence and continues to provide exceptional jewellery and service.

Building on its success, ALUXE has expanded its reach beyond Taiwan. The brand now has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and various international locations. This expansion allows ALUXE to bring its exquisite jewellery and philosophy to a broader audience.

The name ALUXE is derived from "A luxury moment," reflecting the brand's philosophy and style. ALUXE believes in cherishing the unique and precious love that exists in everyone's lives. Through their jewellery, ALUXE aims to enable customers to experience their own special moments and embrace a profound sense of happiness.