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Singapore 238801

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10am - 10pm


Fine Jewellery And Watches


A leading brand of extraordinary quality, BVLGARI's coveted collection is imbued with a spirit of excellence, offering unmatched prestige.

With a rich heritage dating back to its founding in 1884, BVLGARI has established itself as a symbol of timeless elegance and refinement in the world of luxury goods. The brand's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in every piece it creates, from exquisite jewellery to sophisticated watches and accessories.

BVLGARI's designs are characterised by a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, blending classic elements with contemporary sensibilities. Each creation is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, resulting in exquisite pieces that captivate the senses and stand the test of time.

Embodying the essence of Italian style, BVLGARI infuses its creations with a sense of passion and joie de vivre. Whether it's the iconic Serpenti collection, inspired by the allure of a serpent, or the bold and distinctive B.zero1 line, BVLGARI's designs exude an air of sophistication and individuality.

BVLGARI's commitment to excellence extends beyond its products. The brand is also dedicated to making a positive impact on society through various philanthropic initiatives. From supporting cultural preservation projects to promoting sustainable practises, BVLGARI strives to contribute to the greater good.

When you choose BVLGARI, you are not just acquiring a luxurious piece of artistry, but also becoming part of a legacy built on impeccable craftsmanship, timeless beauty, and a passion for perfection.