Bynd Artisan



ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

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Opening Hours


10am - 10pm


Handbags, Shoes And Accessories


Born from a rich heritage of craftsmanship, Bynd Artisan is a brand that specialises in customised and personalised leather and paper gifts. We believe in creating unique and meaningful products for everyone, regardless of the occasion.

At Bynd Artisan, we invite our audience to immerse themselves in the process of crafting the perfect gift. We offer workshops where individuals can learn and experience the joy of craft, allowing them to create something truly special with their own hands.

As a platform for talents and creatives, Bynd Artisan celebrates innovation and design through collaborations. We believe in fostering a community where artists and designers can showcase their skills and contribute to the world of art and craftsmanship.

With five stores located across Singapore and an online presence on our official website,, we are accessible to customers worldwide. Our online platform provides international shipping, ensuring that our products can reach customers no matter where they are.

Bynd Artisan strives to create a memorable and personalised experience for every customer. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or seeking to explore your creativity, we are here to inspire and assist you on your journey.

Explore the world of Bynd Artisan and discover the beauty of craftsmanship through our bespoke leather and paper gifts. Join us in celebrating the art of gifting and let us help you create something truly extraordinary.