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ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

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10am - 10pm


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La Collection Privée Christian Dior offers a private fragrance collection that draws inspiration from the rich heritage of the French maison. It showcases a range of niche perfumes crafted with the finest ingredients and exquisite flowers. With a total of 23 scents, each fragrance reflects a distinct emotion and is composed of carefully selected notes.

The minimalist round glass bottles with magnetic black caps beautifully accentuate the mesmerising hues of these fragrances. The collection is categorised into five fragrance families: fruity floral, light floral, floral, sensual, and oriental. Each family represents a unique olfactory experience.

One of the latest additions to the fruity-floral family is Dioriviera, created by Francis Kurkdjian, the perfume creation director of Parfums Christian Dior. This fragrance captures the essence of the south of France, combining the vibrant blend of fig and rose. It evokes the casual beauty of the region, reminiscent of the southern sun, blooming May roses, and the gentle breeze rustling through fig tree leaves. Dioriviera also pays homage to the enduring love affair between Christian Dior and the French Riviera.

At La Collection Privée Christian Dior, all fragrances are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, adhering to the strictest traditions. The quantity produced depends on the availability of rare ingredients, adding an element of exclusivity to each scent. As a result, the exact number of bottles available for your favourite fragrance remains uncertain.