Loro Piana at ION Orchard

Loro Piana



ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

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Opening Hours


10am - 10pm


Luxury Fashion And Fashion Accessories


With a legacy spanning over 200 years, Loro Piana has established itself as an unrivalled leader in the luxury goods sector. Built upon the foundation of uncompromising quality, our brand is renowned for its commitment to using only the finest fibres available. Each step of our production process takes place exclusively in Italy, ensuring that our creations embody the essence of Italian craftsmanship.

In our esteemed Italian mills, we transform Cashmere, Baby Cashmere, Vicuña, and the most exquisite Merino wools into a diverse range of garments and accessories. Every piece exemplifies our unwavering dedication to meticulous attention to detail, combining it with state-of-the-art technology and performance. This synthesis creates products that are not only visually stunning but also perfectly suited for refined, active lifestyles.

At Loro Piana, luxury is not just a label – it's ingrained in our heritage and deeply intertwined with our values. We strive to provide our discerning customers with exceptional experiences that transcend mere possessions. Our commitment to constant innovation drives us to explore new frontiers of design and functionality, ensuring that every Loro Piana creation surpasses expectations.

From sumptuously soft cashmere sweaters to lightweight yet warm outerwear, our collections cater to individuals who appreciate the harmonious blend of luxurious comfort, timeless elegance, and practicality. Whether dressing for a formal occasion or pursuing outdoor adventures, Loro Piana offers versatile pieces that effortlessly exude sophistication.

Embracing both tradition and modernity, Loro Piana continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the luxury goods industry. Our passion for craftsmanship, combined with an unwavering pursuit of perfection, has earned us the trust and loyalty of discerning individuals worldwide. Discover the world of Loro Piana, where unparalleled quality and timeless beauty converge to create enduring treasures.