Monster Curry



ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

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Opening Hours


11am - 10pm


Casual Dining And Fast Food


At Monster Curry, we offer a one-of-a-kind curry experience that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Our signature dish is a unique blend of fresh fruits and aromatic spices, creating a curry like no other. We take pride in serving curry that is bursting with flavours and made from the finest ingredients.

One of the highlights of our menu is our generous portion size. Our curries are served on a whopping plate that measures 34cm in diameter. This ensures that you not only enjoy a delicious meal but also get great value for your money.

What sets us apart is our wide range of spiciness levels. Whether you prefer mild or fiery hot, we have something to suit every palate. You can customise the level of spiciness according to your preference, making each dining experience personalised.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond just the taste of our curry. We strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for our customers, ensuring that every visit to Monster Curry is a memorable one.

Come and savour our delectable curry creations, made with fresh ingredients and served with passion. Indulge in the unique flavours, embrace the generous portions, and experience the thrill of customising your spice level. At Monster Curry, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience that will leave you craving for more.