Steinway & Sons



ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

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10:30am - 9:30pm


Sports And Lifestyle


Steinway & Sons is proud to present its new Steinway Gallery at ION Orchard, a captivating space that goes beyond being just a retail and performance area. This extraordinary establishment is located in the heart of Singapore's vibrant retail scene. At the gallery, you will discover an exceptional collection of grand and upright pianos, including the groundbreaking Steinway Spirio.

In addition to the renowned Steinway pianos, the Steinway Gallery at ION Orchard showcases the exquisite pianos from the Steinway Crown Jewel Collection. It is also home to the Boston and Essex pianos, meticulously designed by Steinway & Sons. The gallery's façade is a stunning architectural representation of the brand's lyra shape, with an elegant Steinway Grand piano displayed prominently at the storefront.

Within the Steinway Gallery, valued customers can relax and immerse themselves in the SPIRIO lounge, where they can enjoy captivating performances played on the SPIRIO, a remarkable high resolution re-performance piano. Furthermore, the gallery offers an event space capable of accommodating up to 80 people, making it a hub for musicians and audiences to connect and celebrate music together.

The location of the Steinway Gallery at ION Orchard holds special significance. ION Orchard has established itself as a prominent destination, featuring cutting-edge designs and a remarkable array of flagship, concept, and lifestyle stores. Since its opening in September 2017, the 3,000sqft Steinway & Sons store at ION Orchard has proudly stood as the first luxury musical instrument store in the mall. The store's design mirrors the elegance and craftsmanship of a Steinway piano, with a featured instrument showcased on its façade. Notably, the store boasts a stage capable of hosting 80-100 people, a cosy SPIRIO Lounge for guests to unwind and experience the SPIRIO, and an acoustically-treated practise room for aspiring musicians.