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Swatch is an iconic and provocative timepiece that played a crucial role in saving the Swiss watch industry. Founded by Nicolas Hayek, this vibrant brand has captivated the world with its colourful, happy, and loud designs that are constantly re-interpreted in unique ways. Crafted with Swiss precision, Swatch watches are proudly "Swiss Made" and are made affordable through efficient industrial production, consisting of only 51 parts.

Since its inception in March 1983, Swatch has achieved tremendous success, selling hundreds of millions of watches worldwide. Despite its global fame, Swatch has managed to stay true to its core essence. The brand's commitment to innovation is evident as it introduces a new Swatch design approximately every one-and-a-half days, encompassing Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter, and Special Collections.

Renowned for its revolutionary concepts and creative models, Swatch continually delights and surprises its audience. The brand serves as a canvas for artists from various styles, making it arguably the world's largest art gallery on the wrist. In Shanghai, the Swatch Art Peace Hotel provides a haven for artists-in-residence from around the globe, fostering artistic freedom.

In addition, Swatch demonstrates its support for niche sports through initiatives such as the Swatch Proteam. By endorsing disciplines like Freestyle Skiing, BMX, and Drone Racing, Swatch has played a pivotal role in popularising these sports. The brand's influence extends beyond timekeeping, creating a community of enthusiasts. Swatch Club boasts several hundred thousand members, reflecting the addictive nature of the brand.