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House of Traditional Javanese Massage & Beauty Care is the biggest renowned family Javanese Wellness Chain established in Singapore since 1999. With a vision to "Deliver Health Through Compassionate Hands," we have been dedicated to providing authentic and natural Javanese Care for the body and mind. Our Signature Branch is located at the Harbourfront Centre.

Javanese massage, which forms the core of our services, utilises all parts of the hand, including the knuckles, to knead and massage the muscles. This traditional technique relies on deep thumb pressures to push, press, and circle along the body's energy meridians. By doing so, it effectively breaks down tensely knotted muscles and stimulates the body's lymphatic system, allowing it to unleash its self-regenerative power.

During the therapy, our skilled therapists apply deep thumb pressure while simultaneously performing stroking palm movements, squeezing, and pushing against the skin and veins. These actions enhance blood circulation, further benefiting the body. To facilitate the therapy, we use high-quality massage oils that complement the healing process.

With our 10 branches across Singapore, House of Traditional Javanese Massage & Beauty Care is committed to offering an exceptional wellness experience. We invite you to immerse yourself in the ancient art of Javanese massage and discover the transformative effects it can have on your overall well-being.

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