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Junction 10

1 Woodlands Rd

Singapore 677899

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Monday to Friday

8:30am - 1pm

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8:30am - 1pm

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Medical Dental


NuHealth Medical Centre is a trusted healthcare facility that offers comprehensive medical services for individuals of all age groups. Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced doctors who are dedicated to delivering exceptional clinical care. We specialise in treating both acute and chronic medical conditions in children, adults, infants, toddlers, and the elderly.

In addition to medical treatment, we provide a range of essential services to promote overall well-being. Our offerings include vaccinations to protect against preventable diseases, general health screenings to assess your overall health status, and pap smears for women's reproductive health. We also offer cheque-ups for employment, driving licences, and domestic helpers, ensuring their fitness for specific roles.

At NuHealth Medical Centre, we understand that some health concerns may require minor surgical intervention. Our skilled doctors are proficient in performing procedures such as suturing for cuts, avulsions for ingrown toenails, and excision of small lumps. Rest assured, you will receive personalised and compassionate care throughout your treatment journey.

We strive to create a supportive and comfortable environment for all our patients. Our commitment to excellence in healthcare drives us to stay updated with the latest medical advancements and best practises. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are dedicated to improving and maintaining your health and quality of life.

Visit NuHealth Medical Centre for comprehensive medical care delivered by a team of highly qualified professionals. We are here to address your healthcare needs and provide you with the highest standard of care possible.

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