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Junction 10

1 Woodlands Rd

Singapore 677899

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10am - 7pm

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10am - 9pm


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Education & Enrichment


PlayFACTO School @ Junction 10 was established to cater to the needs of working families seeking high-quality student care services in the vicinity of Bukit Panjang & Choa Chu Kang. Our primary goal is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for students, where they can thrive academically and emotionally.

At PlayFACTO School, we have embraced the principles of Positive Education and incorporated them into our unique approach to learning. We believe that education should go beyond academics and focus on developing well-rounded individuals. Through our Positive Education approach, we aim to cultivate positive attitudes, enhance social interactions, and foster the holistic growth of our students.

One of the key features of our school is our vibrant Reggio-inspired learning environment. We have carefully designed our spaces to stimulate creativity and curiosity among our students. This environment encourages exploration, hands-on learning, and active engagement, making the learning process enjoyable and meaningful.

We understand the importance of nurturing each child's interests and talents. At PlayFACTO School, we provide ample opportunities for students to discover their passions and develop their skills. Through a variety of activities and programmes, we encourage students to explore different areas of interest, whether it be in sports, arts, or other domains.

Equally important to us is the development of critical soft skills. We believe that these skills are essential for success in the 21st century. Through our curriculum and extracurricular activities, we focus on honing skills such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability.

By creating a home-like environment, we strive to make our students feel comfortable, safe, and supported. We value the individuality of each child and promote a sense of belonging within our school community. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing guidance, encouragement, and personalised attention to every student.

At PlayFACTO School, we are passionate about empowering young minds and preparing them for a bright future. We invite you to join us on this journey of holistic education and growth.

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