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Connect Learn



Kap Mall

9 King Albert Park

Singapore 598332

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Tuesday to Sunday

2pm - 10pm


Education & Enrichment


ConnectLearn is a progressive arena where powerful growth takes place, a safe sanctuary where intriguing challenges are overcome, and a fun place where integrated learning is experienced. This is the ConnectLearn promise for all students.

Let curiosity take you on a journey of discovery with our High Impact Core Programmes, specially designed for students and MOE Schools. Our Eureka English Programme offers primary English courses based on the proven Eureka Pedagogical System, developed by Diana Tham, creator of the Eureka System. The programme includes specialist English programmes and recommended readings by many MOE Teachers, such as Eureka Model Essays and Books.

For mathematics education, we offer the Matharchery Math Programme, catering to primary, secondary, and JC (Junior College) students. Our team of specialists is armed with Advanced AI Tools, enabling us to meet students at their exact point of need. Based on our proprietary ASC Math Training System, which adopts a multi-modal approach, we deliver results for students of all ability levels.

At ConnectLearn, we are a collective of passionate educators who believe that every mind, both young and young-at-heart, should be empowered with important transferable life skills to thrive in the new world order. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that fosters holistic growth and equips students with the tools they need to succeed.