Crossward English Academy at Kap Mall

Crossward English Academy



Kap Mall

9 King Albert Park

Singapore 598332

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Education & Enrichment


Crossward English Academy believes in purposeful and passionate living, and recognises that education should ignite a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Our Co-founder Darrell has guided and mentored numerous secondary and Junior College students, fostering not only academic achievements but also mindfulness and a sense of purpose.

Unlike typical tuition centres in Singapore, Crossward is not solely focused on academic results. While we celebrate the excellent grades our students attain, our true satisfaction lies in witnessing their growth into purpose-driven individuals who lead meaningful lives. We aim to empower young minds, allowing their influence to positively impact others.

Our Curriculum Board, comprising former school teachers well-versed in syllabus changes, ensures that our weekly lessons are tailored to help students master the necessary skills and techniques needed to excel in examinations. With a rigorous conceptual and analytical framework developed by our qualified teachers, we have a proven methodology that consistently delivers desired results.

At Crossward, we go beyond traditional teaching methods. Our innovative approaches and curated learning materials make the learning process enjoyable for students. We provide additional resources, teaching materials, and revision sessions conducted by our professional tutors, creating a safe environment for growth and exploration.

In addition to honing their academic abilities, we emphasise the development of critical thinking and essential life skills at Crossward. Our secondary and JC students engage in activities such as creative writing and argumentative essays, which cultivate their analytical skills and enable them to form informed perspectives on complex issues. These skills will accompany them into adulthood, equipping them for success in various spheres of life.