Nekoya Cat Hotel



Kap Mall

9 King Albert Park

Singapore 598332

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11am - 7pm


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At Nekoya Cat Hotel, we understand that your beloved pet deserves the utmost care and comfort, whether it's for a day or an extended stay. Our intelligently designed social and living quarters are meticulously crafted to replicate the familiar environment of home, creating a soothing atmosphere that puts cats at ease. We prioritize the total wellbeing of each feline guest, tailoring our facilities to cater to their individual needs beyond their comfort zones.

Cats thrive on routine, and disruptions to their established schedules can cause distress. When you board your cat at Nekoya Cat Hotel, you can be confident that they are entrusted to the hands of experienced cat whisperers. We take great pride in maintaining clean and pleasant boarding facilities for our feline guests. While hiring a cat sitter may seem like an alternative, it often introduces additional anxiety due to the presence of a stranger and the deviation from your cat's regular routine.

To ensure a smooth transition for new guests, we employ various strategies to help them acclimate to their temporary homes. These include providing professional care and supervision, offering private and hygienic lodging accommodations, adhering to routine feeding and cleaning schedules (at least twice daily), and establishing open lines of communication with owners. Additionally, we dedicate daily personal time for each guest, allowing for play or relaxation to foster a sense of familiarity and companionship.

Before your cat's boarding experience, there are steps you can take to ensure their comfort and happiness. While cat boarding offers convenience and reliable care during your absence, it's essential to prepare your cat beforehand. Taking these measures will contribute to a positive and enjoyable stay at Nekoya Cat Hotel.