Ying’s Atelier at Kap Mall

Ying’s Atelier



Kap Mall

9 King Albert Park

Singapore 598332

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

9am - 6pm

Saturday to Sunday



Lifestyle & Entertainment


Ying's Atelier is a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of unique and unconventional designs.

Guided by the principle that 'Less is more; Odd is beautiful,' we infuse our creations with an artistic touch that sets us apart.

At Ying's Atelier, every print we produce is meticulously crafted and entirely one-of-a-kind.

Our distinct handwriting can be seen in each and every piece. We strive to inspire and uplift your daily life through our creations, believing that art has the power to transcend mere fashion.

We are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share our passion for creativity. By working together, we aim to push boundaries and explore new artistic frontiers.

When it comes to fabric selection, we spare no effort in ensuring the highest quality. We digitally print our designs on premium fabrics sourced from renowned mills in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and other countries. This careful selection guarantees that our prints retain their vibrancy even after multiple washes.

Additionally, we offer customizations using our exclusive prints, allowing you to add a personal touch to your chosen pieces. Whether it's a unique garment or an accessory, our skilled team will bring your vision to life.

At Ying's Atelier, we invite you to embrace the extraordinary and celebrate individuality.

Step into our world of captivating prints and let your style shine with our thoughtfully crafted designs.