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Some call it fashion freedom. We call it a fashion revolution. OUR MISSION Evrywear exists to give you access to gorgeous outfits in a sustainable way. We help you create an infinite closet of looks you love, without the commitment of purchasing and owning new clothes. With Evrywear, you’ll never have to stress about your wardrobe going out of style or finding the right fit when your size changes. We love giving you the opportunity to save money to spend on making memories, as opposed to materials that would only have been worn once. SO WHAT MAKES EVRYWEAR DIFFERENT? Evrywear is different from other rental platforms that focus on the high-street market and luxury wear. We work with established local labels and popular brands with reasonable price points for clothes meant for work, weekends & special occasions. This enables us to give you competitive rental plans at starting from $49 per month. If you like something, you can hold on to it for as long as you want, and that slot will be occupied. Else, you can return it and we’ll proffessionally launder it. We have thousands of pieces from brands in a wide range of sizes for you to choose from, so you’ll always have something new to wear! The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.