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11 Tanjong Katong Rd

Singapore 437157

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Fashion & Accessories


Kreasi Indah is a Singapore-based fashion brand dedicated to celebrating and reinventing Batik, a traditional Indonesian craft.

As a purveyor of Batik-inspired apparel, we bring forth a blend of cultural heritage and modern aesthetics to our customers' wardrobes.

Whether you are preparing for the festive season of Ramadhan or simply seeking to infuse your daily wear with a unique touch, Kreasi Indah has got you covered.

Our journey began with a singular vision to reinvigorate Batik's timeless appeal, creating a fashion line that is both expressive and flexible.

We are proud to share that our designs have found homes in the daily routines of our customers, from the precision of a barber’s chair to the bustling streets of Singapore.

Our Paisley series, for instance, effortlessly melds the worlds of streetwear and vintage vibes, demonstrating the versatility of our Batik pieces.

With our latest expansion to KINEX Mall, we are thrilled to bring a plethora of new designs and products to a wider audience.

Each season, we curate a collection that not only embraces the rich cultural tapestry of Batik but also aligns with contemporary fashion trends.

At Kreasi Indah, we are not just selling clothes; we are sharing a part of our culture, one beautifully crafted Batik piece at a time.

Follow us and be part of our vibrant, Batik-loving community.

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