Nuodle 牛一嘴 at Lot One

Nuodle 牛一嘴



Lot One

21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4

Singapore 689812


Food & Beverage


In 2005 AD, noodles from the Qin Dynasty were unearthed in an ancient tomb in northwest China. Miraculously, this bowl of noodles has been preserved for thousands of years.

The soldiers of the Qin Dynasty, who were the prototype of the Terracotta Warriors, used this wheat flour as the main food as their main food to conquer and unify the vast ancient China… Although it has undergone thousands of years of evolution, today’s Lanzhou Ramen still inherits the appearance and taste of the past.

Ordinary flour is turned into noodles by the ramen master through repeated kneading, stacking, pulling and other techniques.

Its incomparable soft taste, coupled with the broth carefully prepared with traditional Chinese spices, a bowl of delicious Lanzhou ramen can be made Finish.

It’s Noodle Time! 拉面一碗, 元气满满