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At atomi, a boutique specialising in meticulously crafted items all hailing from Japan, you'll find an exquisite array of tableware, kitchenware, trinkets, and furniture.

Embodying a minimalist ethos, the boutique, now in its eighth year, is a treasure trove of finely curated pieces.

Take, for instance, the sleek SONO Chest. This stunning piece features six drawers, each adorned with a different type of wood - maple, walnut, teak, wenge, cherry, and padouk.

Doubling as an attractive bookend, this piece demonstrates the marriage of functionality and elegance that characterises our collection.

And don't stop there - the boutique houses a range of esteemed brands, including hoshina, maruni, and nissin, awaiting your exploration.

atomi is co-founded by Andrew Tan and his wife, Mitsuko Murano whose vision is to make everyday living more comfortable, stylish and pleasant.

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