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Mandarin Gallery

333A Orchard Rd

Singapore 238897

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10am - 8pm


10:30am - 8pm

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At bada 바다 - meaning 'sea' in Korean - we celebrate the limitless creativity and innovative ideas of our stylists. Just like the sea, our imagination and possibilities are boundless.

Our connections with industry experts from around the globe foster continual growth and abundant opportunities for our hair stylists, nurturing their passion and skillset.

At bada hair, our commitment to providing premium products and services is unwavering. We value your comfort and experience during your visit and strive to exceed your expectations.

Our approach to customer service is methodical and well-structured, ensuring we meet and surpass your hair styling expectations.

To enhance your visit, we also have a dedicated barista on hand to serve freshly brewed coffee and cold-pressed juice.

Embodying serenity and infinite possibilities, bada hair is here to provide an extraordinary experience for you.

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