Ministry of Scalp Therapy

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Ministry of Scalp Therapy, previously known as CIVASAN Laboratories, remains dedicated to your scalp's health.

With a foundation of unwavering reliability and vision, our mission is to foster better hair quality through innovative scalp solutions.

Our team is composed of trained professionals, all specialists in scalp care.

Their expertise, combined with our cutting-edge equipment, allows us to provide effective solutions for all types of scalp conditions.

Backed by scientific research, our products are carefully formulated using advanced biotechnology and natural ingredients, all aiming to nurture and rejuvenate your scalp for healthier hair.

Our approach is holistic, recognising the influence of lifestyle, diet, and stress on scalp health.

This enables us to tailor comprehensive care routines unique to each client, ensuring the health of your scalp and the quality of your hair.

We also value customer service excellence, offering guidance on our products, arranging appointments with our experts, and providing support for all your scalp-related needs.

Experience the difference today with Ministry of Scalp Therapy, where your scalp health is our utmost priority.

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