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We're Manifesto, a brand that believes you are more than your age, status, or bank balance.

To us, what truly matters is your unique style and spirit. We champion the blurring of gender lines in fashion, embracing a unisex approach in all but the most personal of garments.

We have a deep reverence for sneakers - the ultimate symbol of comfort and versatility. Dress them up with an evening gown or a suit, or bare it all; they're your perfect style companion.

In our world, black is more than just a colour; it's a style creed.

We understand your efforts to maintain a healthy body, and we believe in adorning it with clothing that complements your hard work. High street brands might fall short, but our style is beyond monetary value.

Fragrance, for us, is a personal signature. We encourage you to find your unique scent, something uncommon, premium, and preferably sourced from the artisanal perfume houses of France, Italy, or Japan.

We don't subscribe to dietary taboos. Enjoy your Nutella; it brings happiness, and rest assured, we'll have your size.

We believe in sexy, but in a subtle, Kate Moss kind of way, rather than overtly flashy.

We love breaking old style rules. For us, navy and black are a match, and contrasting elements create harmony.

Silk versus leather, luxury meets casual, oversized paired with skinny - we embrace them all.

We're not just selling products; we're offering a style identity.

We invite you to join our philosophy, to stand out without trying too hard. Just be you. Welcome to Manifesto.

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