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Mandarin Gallery

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Established in 2005, Suju Masayuki began its journey as a small shop nestled in the heart of Karuizawa, a charming town located in Nagano prefecture, Japan.

The brand has since flourished into six distinguished restaurants and stores spread across the country, showcasing the core of Japanese food culture with staples such as miso and shoyu.

We take immense pride in our experienced artisans who meticulously prepare our offerings, presenting a harmonious partnership with the ingredients that are integral to our menu.

With Suju's expansion into Singapore, we aspired to share the unadorned, natural taste of Japanese cuisine with our global patrons. Our hope is that each guest savors their experience at our Suju Restaurant, enjoying every moment they spend with us.

A special emphasis at Suju Singapore lies in our "rice and miso soup", fundamental elements of Japanese dining.

Our brown rice and miso are sourced directly from local markets in Nagano. The rice, delivered as brown grains, is freshly polished each morning and cooked in a traditional copper pot to ensure the best possible serving.

Essential to Japanese cuisine, our fresh fish is hand-picked and airlifted from the renowned Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. We take delight in providing a pure Japanese menu that also celebrates a unique fusion with locally selected ingredients.

The ambiance of Suju encapsulates the essence of a "Japanese home", creating a warm and welcoming space for our guests.

Our endeavour to encapsulate the "wa" or Japanese style atmosphere is reflected in our carefully curated plateware, paintings, and lighting.

Moreover, our local staff shares our belief in the importance of attentive service, continually striving to offer a comfortable and enjoyable space.

At Suju, we aim not only to provide a delightful dining experience but also to immerse you in the various facets of Japanese culture.

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