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At The Eye Doctor, we're dedicated to restoring the health of your eyes, primarily focusing on dry eye conditions.

We noticed a strong demand for specialized treatment in this area, and the remarkable results observed at The Eyeclinic by Dr. Cheryl Lee led us to establish a dedicated Dry Eye Spa.

This unique concept aims to streamline your treatment journey, ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience that revives the comfort and appearance of your eyes, reducing your dependence on eye drops.

Our founder, Dr. Cheryl Lee, a renowned eye surgeon, understands the complexity of the tear film, composed of water and oil. The oil layer acts as a waterproof seal, preventing the water from evaporating. This fundamental knowledge drives our innovative approach to treating dry eyes - rather than resorting to lubricating drops, we focus on restoring a healthy oil layer.

Often, dry eyes are caused by overproduction of oil in response to excessive dryness.

This can lead to blocked meibomian glands, a condition also known as meibomitis or marginal gland disease, which, if left untreated, can result in styes. In fact, meibomitis accounts for 70% of dry eye cases!

Here at The Eye Doctor's Dry Eye Spa, we have developed exclusive treatments to effectively unblock these oil glands, curing your dry eyes.

The Eye Likes Eye-Light treatment is designed to combat dry eyes and allergies, while Tickle with Tixel addresses dry eyes and wrinkles.

For those experiencing dry eyes with crusty eyelashes, our Relax with Blephex treatment is a perfect choice.

Join us at The Eye Doctor to revolutionize your eye care experience, where we prioritize not only your sight but also the overall health and comfort of your eyes.

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