Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu

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Mandarin Gallery

333A Orchard Rd

Singapore 238897

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Tuesday to Sunday

12am - 3pm

6:30pm - 10:30pm


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"Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu" is a fine dining Japanese restaurant dedicated to showcasing the rarest and "best of the best" selection of Wagyu beef.

We meticulously source our Wagyu from the most esteemed Japanese regions, each recognized for their distinctive breeds and unique flavour profiles.

Our dedicated team, led by experienced chefs, passionately curates an Omakase-style menu, which exquisitely highlights the sublime taste and texture of this esteemed beef.

This gastronomic experience is deeply rooted in the spirit of 'Ayumu,' a Japanese term signifying 'progress,' 'walking,' and 'dream.'

With every dish, we seek to evolve the traditional appreciation of Wagyu beef, constantly walking forward towards a dream of innovation while respecting the deep-seated heritage of Japanese culinary arts.

At Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu, we invite you to indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates the artistry of Japanese cuisine and the unrivalled decadence of world-class Wagyu.

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