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Welcome to Yan's Dining Fine Shanghai Cuisine, a sanctuary for all who appreciate the artistry of authentic Shanghai dishes set within an elegant ambiance.

Our menu features a diverse selection of Shanghai's culinary gems, from Traditional Classic Jar-Braised Claypot Pork and Yellow Croaker Fish Soup to the flavourful Malan Tou and Shanghai Drunken Chicken. Here in Singapore, we provide diners with a taste of Jiangnan's four seasons, transforming each meal into an immersive cultural experience.

In response to the recent global pandemic, Yan's Dining has evolved, extending our services to include both dine-in and online delivery options. We remain steadfast in our mission to share the timeless charm of Shanghainese cuisine with everyone.

Our commitment to enriching dining experiences extends beyond food. We've hosted events in tribute to figures such as Zhou Xuan and Zhang Ai-Ling, merging the worlds of literature, arts, food, and drinks. And rest assured, we have no plans to stop innovating in this fusion of culture and cuisine.

Whether you're planning a special menu for loved ones or business partners, or organising events ranging from weddings and birthday parties to business lunches or conferences, our professional team is eager to curate a memorable experience that caters to your unique needs.

For more intimate affairs at home or casual family gatherings, we encourage you to explore our online ordering system. Here, you'll find a broad selection of home-style dishes, delivered fresh to your doorstep. We also offer frozen dim-sum for culinary enthusiasts who prefer the joy of cooking.

Embrace life in its full glory with Yan's Dining - your gateway to an unforgettable Shanghai dining experience!

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