Jewel Penta

Jewel Penta at Millenia Walk


Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Blvd

Singapore 039596

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Opening Hours


11am - 8pm


Timepieces & Jewellery


Jewel Penta retails precious and semi-precious gemstones and designer jewelry.

They also create bespoke jewelry, whether it be engagement rings, statement pieces or just a piece of jewelry you'd simply love to own.

They offer exquisite, high-quality diamond, gemstone, and pearl jewelry.

They carefully curate each piece to complement personal style, and their skilled artisans create stunning designs.

They offer engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in a variety of cuts and colors.

Their passion for creating stunning jewelry is evident in every piece they create, and they provide personalized shopping experiences.

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