Allgood Gourmet




23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

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Opening Hours


6:30am - 9pm




6:30am - 12pm

6:30am - 9pm

Thursday to Sunday

6:30am - 9pm


Restaurant & Cafe And Fast Food


Allgood Gourmet is hidden gem offering delicious, fried dishes at affordable prices, making it the perfect spot for residents of Serangoon Central who are struggling to find tasty and affordable food options.

The menu includes popular hawker dishes such as Fried Rice and Kway Teow, which can be customized with add-ons like shrimp wantons, cheese sausages, fried tofu, and fishballs.

The cafe operates like a hawker stall, where customers need to line up and take their orders themselves. While seating is limited due to the small size of the cafe, customers often choose to bring their food home.

One of the most popular dishes at Allgood Cafe is the Fried Maggi Noodle with Chicken Cutlet, which has a unique twist on the classic instant noodle dish.

The cafe fries the Maggi noodles and adds seasoning like soy sauce, giving it a springy texture that's addictive. Another favorite dish is the Fried Rice with Chicken Nuggets and Seaweed Chicken, although some customers may find it a little bland.

Allgood Gourmet also serves a wide variety of fish cakes, which can be confusing to navigate due to their different shapes and sizes.