Din Tai Fung


#B1-10 to 12


23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday

11:30am - 9:30pm

Friday to Saturday

11am - 10pm


11:30am - 9:30pm


Restaurant & Cafe And Fast Food

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Awarded one Michelin Star and ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times, Din Tai Fung is a Chinese and Taiwanese restaurant franchise that has branches across many countries such as Singapore, Australia and South Korea, and specialising in xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings and Huaiyang cuisine.

Made with utmost care for precision, Din Tai Fung’s signature Xiao Long Baos are stuffed with succulent seasoned pork along with a unique savory pork broth and finally sealed in its trademark 18-fold skin.

Chefs proudly wear their Din Tai Fung badges as they cook with precise control in the open kitchen, crafting exquisite dishes. The restaurant's signature dishes include steamed pork dumplings (xiao long baos), fried rice, noodles, and steamed chicken soup, all bursting with flavor and made fresh daily.

For a unique experience, diners can try the steamed angled gourd and shrimp xiao long bao or indulge in the truffle and pork xiao long bao for an extra-rich earthy flavor. In addition to these staples, patrons will not be disappointed by the steamed cod fillet with soy sauce or the deep-fried handmade tofu with water chestnuts and mushrooms.

Amongst the Xiao Long Baos are other noteworthy dishes such as the Steamed Chicken Soup, Green Chillies Stuffed with Marinated Minced Meat and other seasonal novelty dishes.

As the restaurant doesn't take reservations, queues can form, but the wait is well worth it.