Dragon Brand Bird's Nest at Nex

Dragon Brand Bird's Nest




23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

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Opening Hours


10am - 10pm


Hair & Beauty And Wellness


Dragon Brand Bird's Nest has a rich history of dedication and commitment to producing only the best quality bird's nest. Founded in 1957, Dragon Brand Bird's Nest was named after the Dragon for prosperity and longevity, and the brand has remained committed to providing only the highest quality products since its inception.

Today, Dragon Brand's bird's nests are harvested by hand from the imposing sea caves off Yogyakarta, Indonesia's spiritual center and one of the region's most important breeding grounds for wild coastal swiftlets. Native pickers work on only 15 pieces per shift, expertly examining and cleaning each harvested nest with time-honored consistency before they are exported to Singapore, where they are further cleaned naturally and processed to the strictest of quality standards.

In 1986, Dragon Brand became the world's first to bottle bird's nest hygienically in glass bottles, sealing in their trademark quality and bringing bird's nest to the masses.

The founder's vision and persistence to provide only the best shines brighter than ever, as a new generation awakens to the authentic goodness of bird's nest made and prepared right. Aromatic, golden, and always full,

Dragon Brand Bird's Nest remains committed to providing its customers with a tonic for wellness or a deserving boost for their beauty routine.