JINJJA Chicken




23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday

11am - 8:30pm

Friday to Saturday

11am - 9pm


11am - 8:30pm


Restaurant & Cafe And Fast Food


Welcome to JINJJA Chicken, the trendy Korean chain restaurant that has taken Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia by storm. Our signature dishes are the Korean Fried Chicken and Jjajangmyeon, but we offer so much more!

Our menu is inspired by South Korea's rich food culture and the pali-pali (빨리빨리) culture of speed. You can enjoy classic Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and Seafood Jjamppong, as well as urban Korean street food like Tteokbokki, Kimbap, Bulgogi Burger, Fried Chicken, all in a hip and casual setting. We want you to experience the fabulous tastes of Korean fare without the frills.

At JINJJA Chicken, we pride ourselves on replicating not just the dishes but also the preparation methods used in Korea. We source for ingredients and recipes from all over Korea and use only 100% fresh chicken for our signature Korean Fried Chicken Wings. We believe that it is possible to serve food that is delicious, fast, affordable and also good for you, and we avoid the excessive use of preservatives, additives and overly processed ingredients.

We currently have outlets in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and we are proud to be halal certified. So come and visit us at JINJJA Chicken and experience the joy of Korean cuisine in a fun and vibrant atmosphere!