Koo Kee




23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

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Opening Hours


8am - 11pm


Restaurant & Cafe And Fast Food


Koo Kee Yong Tau Foo has been a beloved institution since 1954, originally known as "Gao Ji".

Over the years, they've expanded from selling their yong tau foo as a street food staple to opening full-fledged eateries and restaurants with expanded menus.

At Koo Kee, enjoy the signature Yong Tow Foo, Chee Cheong Fun and other local delights at pocket-friendly prices.

Those with an appetite for spice and heat can try out their Laksa Yong Tow Foo which is guaranteed to give you a good sweat!d.

The soup, made with ikan bilis and soybeans, has a deceptively clear appearance with lots of flavor and depth.

The yong tau foo pieces are fresh and have a great chewy texture. The unique square-shaped egg noodles are nicely seasoned and come with a minced chicken topping.

The blanched kang kong is dressed with a viscous yellow dressing made of fermented bean curd, which complements the dish well.