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Established in 1994, South Korean beauty brand – Laneige was founded by Amore Pacific in 1994.

Product innovation is a cornerstone of the company which saw the potential benefits of Ionised Mineral Water and dedicated research teams to explore its usage in skincare.

Since then, Laneige has had an impressive growth rate, expanding to regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Positioned as the “moisturise-expert” brand, Laneige maximises the potential of water by selecting optimal natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

This includes 7 recipes such as the Super Berry Water, Deep Sea Water, Green Mineral Water, Saururus Chinensis Water, Mint Water, Alpinia Officinarum Root Water and Musk Mallow Water.

These water-based products provide a wide array of benefits to the skin including soothing, hydration, moisturising, anti-oxidant, whitening and firming properties.

One of Laneige’s cult-favourite products is the Firming Sleeping Pack which fortifies the Skin’s Restoration Capacity during sleep, regaining moisture, firmness and suppleness.

The soluble jelly-like cream is engineered to be closely-knitted where it “hugs” the face collectively from all angles.

Come visit Laneige @ NEX and update your skin regime with fresh water-based products.