Shaw Theatres - NEX




23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

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Shaw Theatres @ NEX is a modern cinema in Singapore, equipped with advanced cinema technology and a seating capacity of over 1,265 in ten halls, promising an unparalleled movie experience.

It boasts the most 3D digital halls in one location, premium halls in a suburban district, 3D digital technology for premium halls, and an in-cinema lift for the handicapped. Located on the 4th & 5th storey of nex, the largest mall in the North East of Singapore, Shaw Theatres nex is set to revolutionize the Serangoon streetscape.

As part of its offering, Shaw Theatres introduces the “Premiere Screen” concept in halls that provide a luxurious cinematic experience to movie-goers.

Premiere Screen halls feature deluxe leather seats and premium dine-in services, providing a cosy setting for an audience of 48.

These halls will be the first premium halls to feature 3D digital technology, targeting a discerning audience.

Further details on the two Premiere Screen halls at nex will be announced at a later date.