Stellar by Jasonsally




23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

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Opening Hours


11am - 8:30pm


Hair & Beauty And Wellness


Stellar by Jason Sally @ NEX - we do hair with love.

JasonSally, established in 1985, prides itself on its reliability and ability to provide services through generations. Our customers are the heart of our business, and we select our products based on what is best for them. We are committed to going the extra mile to tailor the best hairdressing experience for each unique individual.

Our vision is to deliver the finest craft of hairdressing, surrounded by a creative and nurturing environment where people feel empowered and confident in their individuality. At Stellar by Jason Sally, we strive to care for our customers by providing a holistic approach that combines compelling ideas suitable for their lifestyle.

We ensure that our clients are educated with the right knowledge to achieve their desired appearance while retaining their identity.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best hairdressing experience possible. We aim to provide a personalized service that takes into account their individual needs and preferences. Our team of experts is committed to delivering the highest level of service, from the moment our customers walk through our doors to the moment they leave.

We want our customers to leave feeling confident, empowered, and satisfied with their experience at Stellar by Jason Sally.