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23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

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11am - 9pm


Hair & Beauty And Wellness



Welcome to Urban Homme Face and Body Studio for Men, the ultimate destination for men’s face, skin, and body needs.

We are the male counterpart of Mary Chia, Singapore’s most-loved beauty and wellness spa for women.

At Urban Homme, we understand that men have their own unique requirements when it comes to grooming and wellness, and we are dedicated to fulfilling those needs in a safe and welcoming environment.

We provide a wide range of services, including slimming, hydration, detoxification, and relaxation, all of which are designed exclusively for men.

One of our most popular treatments is the Beer Belly Trimming, a specialized slimming program designed to target stubborn belly fat. Our treatments are scientifically proven to deliver real results, and we were awarded “Best in Body Contouring – Back” by The Singapore Women’s Weekly for our Love Handles Trimming program in June 2016.

At Urban Homme, we have been in the wellness business for more than a decade, and we are committed to helping Singaporean gentlemen achieve sound and healthy well-being. We believe in the continuous cycle of learning and developing new techniques in wellness, which is why we are always adding new specialized treatments to our range.

Choose Urban Homme for all your grooming and wellness needs, and experience the ultimate level of care and attention that only a dedicated men’s spa can provide.