Dancing Crab



Orchard Central

181 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238896

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Opening Hours


11:30am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 10pm


Food & Beverage, Restaurants


Serving a mix of robust, country-style Cajun seafood and the distinctive richness of Creole cuisine, Dancing Crab is a refreshing, American counterpart to Singapore's equally famed preferences for seafood, shellfish and rich flavors.

Dancing Crab is a seafood restaurant that serves a blend of robust, American-style seafood and the distinctive richness of Singaporean seafood cuisine. It offers a refreshing alternative to Singapore's renowned preferences for seafood, shellfish, and bold flavors. The restaurant is supported by TungLok Group, one of Singapore's oldest seafood restaurant leaders, and sources its shellfish from the same vendors used by the group's top seafood restaurants, providing a variety of options from Boston lobster to Dungeness crab.

Dancing Crab is known for its lively and happy atmosphere, upbeat music, and high-spirited vibe. With a focus on taste, flavour, and service, it brings an exciting experience to vibrant locations around the world, inviting guests to eat, drink, and enjoy themselves.