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Singapore 238896

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Hair / Beauty / Wellness


Originailz believes that great nails start with the wellness of one’s hands and feet. With years of experience, their range of treatments is blended to cater to your needs. Originailz also specialises in treating nail issues and dry or cracked heels.

At our salon, we believe that great nails start with healthy hands and feet. That's why we offer a range of specially crafted Nail Therapy treatments that focus not only on creating stunning nails, but also on promoting overall nail health.

And why stop at beautiful nails? Our salon also offers eyelash services that will further complement your well-manicured hands and feet. Using only the highest quality Japanese techniques and products, we are able to provide our clients with long-lasting and sparkling eyes that will leave them feeling confident and glamorous.

So come in and pamper yourself with our luxurious nail and eyelash treatments, and leave feeling beautiful, refreshed, and rejuvenated.