Guzman y Gomez



Orchard Gateway

277 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238858

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Opening Hours


10:30am - 10:30pm


Food & Beverage


At Guzman y Gomez (GYG), our focus is entirely on the food. We take pride in selecting and preparing each ingredient with passion, to ensure that you can taste the real Mexican flavour in every bite. Our commitment to using fresh ingredients and authentic techniques means that we don't take shortcuts in our restaurants.

We're passionate about creating delicious food from genuine ingredients, using up to 24-hour marinades and conducting chip-tasting sessions to achieve the perfect taste. Even chillies get us excited! We understand that it's not always easy, but we believe it's always worth it to deliver the best quality Mexican cuisine.

So, come and experience the authentic flavours of Mexico at GYG. We say "¡Buen provecho!" because we want you to enjoy your meal to the fullest.