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#B2-31 to 33

Orchard Gateway

277 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238858

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Monday to Friday

11am - 9pm

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Beauty & Wellness Essentials


Welcome to Kimiyo-G Beauty! We celebrate the inherent beauty in every individual. Our name "Kimiyo" means "Beauty of the Century" in Japanese, reflecting our belief that being beautiful is your birthright. Embrace your natural beauty with confidence by exploring our inclusive range of high-quality skincare and makeup products tailored to diverse needs and preferences. Join our vibrant community, celebrate your uniqueness, and let your light shine brightly!

Kimiyo-G Beauty was founded out of a passion for beauty. Our founder, with her personal high standards and effective beauty maintenance secrets, competed in the Miss Singapore competition and won the title of "Overall Champion" in 2019-2020, validating the efficacy of her philosophy and beauty secrets.

From head to toe, we prioritise facial and body care and are eager to share our beauty secrets with the public. We personally test and experience each product before recommending it to our customers. To ensure we offer the latest technology and effective ways to achieve desired results, we continuously travel to countries such as Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan, researching and studying various beauty maintenance methods. We update our products and equipment annually to provide our customers with the best possible experience and results.

At Kimiyo-G Beauty, we believe that beauty requires hard work and effort. Through constant exploration and seeking, we can achieve and maintain our best selves. Our store is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their beauty goals through continuous improvement and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our team at Kimiyo-G Beauty is dedicated to continuously improving and striving for excellence to help our customers achieve their beauty goals. We empower our employees with advanced beauty technology training to deliver exceptional customer service. Our mission is to provide a unique, authentic, and serene Japanese-style environment for an immersive cultural experience. We to envisage becoming Singapore's first Japanese-themed one-stop beauty solution.

Experience the convenience and reliability of our one-time use quartz products. Made with high-quality materials and minimal maintenance required, invest in our solutions today for a hassle-free beauty experience.