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Kosme Aesthetics is a place for individuals who are tired of aggressive sales tactics and expensive packages. We specialise in delivering quick and effective aesthetic results for the face and body at affordable prices. Unlike other establishments, we eliminate the need for pushy sales consultants, allowing you to bypass their deceptive practises, false promises, confined spaces, and high-pressure sales techniques. At Kosme, the choice is yours.

Our clinic offers an array of top-selling services that cater to various aesthetic needs. One of our most popular treatments is EmShape, priced at $250, which targets those stubborn inches of fat, offering an alternative to a Butt Lift and creating defined lines in the abdominal area. It's perfect for achieving your desired look before hitting the beach or leaving a lasting impression on someone special.

Another sought-after service is Fat Freeze 360, also priced at $250. Designed for individuals with "kiap-able" fats they wish to get rid of, this treatment utilises high-powered suction and freezing temperatures of -5°C to eliminate fat cells. The frozen fat is then naturally eliminated from your system, providing you with a non-invasive solution for fat reduction.

We also offer specialised facials, such as the Whitening Facial, meticulously designed by one of our beauty enthusiasts who extensively researched scientific journals, ingredient labels, and countless products. This facial ensures that you maintain your preferred skin tone while enjoying leisurely walks with your beach-loving Borderdoodle.

If you struggle with acne, our Acne Annihilating Facial provides the care and attention your skin deserves. We refrain from making unrealistic promises of clearing your acne in a few days or with just one facial. Instead, we take a gentle approach, allowing your skin the time it needs to heal properly. We guarantee that 83% of your acne will be gone within 57 days, or we will refund you 110% of your payment.

For those seeking hair removal solutions, our Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatment is ideal. From full Brazilians to legs and arms, we believe that nobody wants to deal with unwanted hair. Leave the hassle behind and indulge in a smooth and hair-free experience.

Lastly, we offer LED Teeth Whitening for those who may need a little help brightening their smile. Whether it's recovering from a morning coffee addiction or a night of indulging in French Reds, this treatment gives you the confidence of whiter teeth without any judgement.

At Kosme Aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing exceptional aesthetic services without the fuss, offering effective treatments that cater to your individual needs. Say goodbye to hard-selling tactics and excessive costs. Choose Kosme for an enhanced and affordable aesthetic experience.