Little Sheep Hot Pot



Orchard Gateway

277 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238858

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Opening Hours


11am - 11pm


Food & Beverage


The Little Sheep Hot Pot aims to promote the delectable delicacy of hot pot from the Mongolian grasslands.

Founded eighteen years ago in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China, Little Sheep quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to hot pot by eliminating the need for dipping sauce. Instead, it introduced a new trend with a rich broth base that combines five flavours and seven magic spices, creating a harmonious blend. Even after prolonged boiling, every meal is served with a fresh and palatable broth base.

This perfect combination of a delicious broth base and mutton sourced from the Inner Mongolian grasslands has revolutionised the world of hot pot. Little Sheep has always prioritised selecting "natural," "healthy," and "rare" ingredients, ensuring a truly exceptional dining experience.

The legendary pairing of a pot of exceptional broth and a plate of superb meat embodies the essence of Little Sheep Hot Pot and continues to captivate food enthusiasts.