Der Anthyllis Organic



Pacific Plaza

9 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228210

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Opening Hours


9am - 8pm


Hair / Beauty / Wellness


Der Anthyllis Organic is a place where one pair of hands and many hours of dedicated hard work come together. We are committed to providing you with facial treatments that use only natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected to cater to the unique needs of your skin.

At Der Anthyllis Organic, we believe in the power of nature to enhance and nurture your skin. Our mission is to create a holistic and rejuvenating experience for our clients, promoting not only outer beauty but also inner well-being.

We understand that each person's skin is unique and requires personalised care. That's why we take the time to assess your skin's specific needs and tailor our treatments accordingly. By utilising natural and organic ingredients, we ensure that your skin receives the gentlest and most nourishing treatment it deserves.

We are passionate about sustainability and strive to minimise our impact on the environment. That's why we carefully select our products and packaging, prioritising eco-friendly options whenever possible. Our commitment to organic practises extends beyond our ingredients to encompass all aspects of our business.

At Der Anthyllis Organic, we value your well-being above all else. We aim to provide you with a serene and tranquil space where you can relax and unwind while receiving the highest quality organic facial treatments.

Step into Der Anthyllis Organic and let nature's goodness rejuvenate your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and glowing with natural beauty.

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