Happy Lamb Hot Pot 快乐小羊火锅



Pacific Plaza

9 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228210

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11:30am - 10pm


Food & Beverage, Restaurants


Happy Lamb Hot Pot is a brand that emerged from the roots of Mongolian hotpot, created by a founding team with a rich history in Chinese hotpot innovation. Their vision is to introduce a new Chinese hotpot craze called "Happy Lamb Hotpot Cuisine" with a unique twist: "Good Soup without Dipping Sauce." This concept has garnered immense popularity and is spreading across the globe, starting from the green grasslands of Mongolia.

Happy Lamb has become a beloved choice for customers in various cities around the world. From Boston to Baotou, Chicago to Hong Kong, California to London, and Cambodia to Melbourne, the irresistible aroma of Happy Lamb's hot pots permeates the streets and alleys. The brand's success lies in its sincerity, attracting diners from all walks of life and winning over their taste buds with flavorful offerings.

HAPPY LAMB's mission is simple yet powerful: to provide the world with a pot of good soup that brings joy to people's lives. With this commitment, Happy Lamb continues to expand and spread happiness through its delicious hot pot experiences.

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