Boost Juice at Parkway Parade

Boost Juice



Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Rd

Singapore 449269

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Opening Hours


10am - 10pm


Food & Restaurant


Boost Juice - the nation’s favourite makers of fresh smoothies and juices!

We serve millions of Malaysians / Singaporeans our iconic green cups, filled with fruit and veggies deliciousness.

Deliciousness that comes from simple, natural goodness, served to you with a love life attitude that will make you so happy you’ll probably end up high fiving random strangers.

It’s about making healthy living easy!!

So naturally, nutrition is a key component in developing our range of smoothies and juices that sees us blending through millions of tonnes of fruit and veggies every year.

Don’t believe us? Let us prove it!

Come and see us at Boost Juice and try it for yourself.