Oleh Oleh Tea House



Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Rd

Singapore 449269

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Opening Hours


10am - 9pm


Food & Restaurant



Welcome to Oleh Oleh, where we offer a delicious selection of traditional Malay kuehs, coffee, tea, and juices.

We are located in the open concourse just outside HSBC, with a few tables available for our patrons to enjoy their snacks in air-conditioned comfort.

Our self-service cafe is the perfect place to grab a quick snack or meal while waiting for your transportation. Our prices are very reasonable, making us a convenient and affordable option for those on the go.

We are proud to offer a range of sweet and savory snacks, including our popular Talam Keladi, made from tapioca flour and coconut milk with yam giving the kueh's top layer the nice purplish colour.

One of our signature items is our ondeh ondeh. Our glutinous rice balls are filled with gula Melaka and have a pandan-scented dough that is thick enough to provide a good bite.

The sweet filling is luscious and a crowd favourite.