Pat's Oven at Parkway Parade

Pat's Oven



Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Rd

Singapore 449269

Opening Hours


10am - 10pm


Food Specialties


Welcome to Pat's Oven, your destination for premium quality oven-baked nuts.

Our commitment to quality begins with carefully selecting first-grade almonds, macadamias, and cashews that are delicious even when eaten raw.

At Pat's Oven, we believe in the simplicity of oven-baking our nuts to reduce moisture and retain their natural flavors. Fresh from the oven, our nuts are ready for you to enjoy as a no-frills, indulgent treat anytime, anywhere.

Nuts are a popular choice among health-conscious individuals, as they're packed with energy-giving calories, beneficial monounsaturated fats, protein, minerals, and dietary fiber. To make these nutritious snacks even more delectable, our skilled bakers have developed a range of mouthwatering recipes, enhancing their taste without compromising their nutritional value.

At Pat's Oven, we believe in eating well and enjoying life's simple pleasures, like family outings, picnics, hiking, and movie nights, accompanied by our wholesome and delicious nuts.

We look forward to serving you the best oven-baked nuts for years to come.