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Raffles City

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Beauty & Wellness


Founded in 1976 in the markets of Provence, France, L’OCCITANE is the masterwork of Oliver Baussan. He started the business by refining rosemary essential oil and sold it locally. From there, he expanded production to body creams, skincare and botanical shampoos.

Using only the very best natural and organic ingredients which demonstrate its veneration for nature, L’OCCITANE is also committed to sustainable sourcing where they foster long-term partnerships based on trust with local producers. To reinforce this vow, the company disengages with all animal testing activities, cooperating with the Institute for In Vitro Sciences which regulates against such practices. L’OCCITANE also invests heavily in advanced research facilities with over 100 researchers and 11 laboratories dedicated to analytical chemistry and molecular biology. The brand is also acclaimed for its shea-butter infused products which have emollient, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which act as an anti-ageing agent. Visit L’OCCITANE at Raffles City and discover the outstanding products from this beloved heritage brand.