Toast Box



Raffles City

252 North Bridge Rd

Singapore 179103

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Opening Hours


7:30am - 9pm


Food & Beverage


Toast Box started operating in October 2005 in Singapore, with the aim of recreating the Nanyang coffee and toast culture made popular in 1960s and 1970s.

Toast Box is a locally favoured contemporary coffee chain which has since expanded its delectable experience overseas, taking roots in cities like Taiwan and Shanghai.

Once inside any Toast Box outlets, you will be greeted by the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed Nanyang coffee as well as a range of local favourites.

Toast Box’s unique coffee blend is a mixture of Arabica, Liberica and Robusta, developed to recreate and preserve the nostalgic taste of Hainanese coffee that immigrants used to enjoy in the early straits settlement.

These beans are freshly ground at the stores and brewed masterfully by Toast Box’s Kopi Masters, ensuring a velvety and smooth cup of Nanyang coffee every time.

Although the traditional Kaya Toast is the most popular item on the menu, other Asian delights like Curry Chicken with Rice, Laksa as well as Mee Rebus are also a big hit among diners.

Walk down memory lane at a Toast Box outlet in Singapore and savour the nostalgic taste of a bygone era today!